Simple ways to Increase the value of your property

Your property is one of the most important investments you can have and if you decide to sell it the price can increase if you take into account some aspects. Below we will talk about the seven most important elements.
Improve spaces
Potential buyers often look for properties with useful spaces. One of the most common ways of adding square meters and practical spaces to your home is with a basement.

This item can increase the price to your house between four and six percent.

The kitchen
For all buyers it is important the kitchen of the house they are going to buy. Most people like a modern kitchen.

If you invest in this element of your property its price can increase significantly, as you include modern utensils and thus give a fresher appearance. However, painting it would not be too much.

The price momentum could increase by three to seven percent.

Worry free
It is important to keep the main mechanical systems in perfect condition. Most buyers spend almost all the money on the house payment and that’s why they care that heating, electricity and everything that goes with water work well.

All these aspects increase the price of your home between three and five percent.

Outdoor Spaces
If your property has an outdoor space, take advantage of it. You can prepare them to be used in the best possible way and thus create a space defined for outdoor living.

The price for the sale rises between three and five percent.

A technological house
Technology adds value to your home. Among the things that most catch the attention of potential buyers are programmable thermostats, security systems and lights.

The painting
Painting helps your property look good. If you are going to put your home for sale it paints the areas of greater interest and traffic like the kitchen and the bathrooms.

The good thing about this aspect is that you can do it yourself and you save a portion of the costs.

With this element the price grows between one and two percent.

A home for all ages
Many homeowners care about their future and add some improvements to their properties. These changes benefit them in all ages, including the elderly.

The price of the home with this element increases between one and two percent.

Based on Consumer Reports information.

Everything you need to know before investing in buying a property

Buying your next home may be the most important investment of your life.
This operation will have a very important impact on your domestic economy and will represent the majority of your net worth for many years. For this reason it is necessary to know that it is a purchase that can not be made without proper analysis; The type of housing, its location and surroundings will also influence your lifestyle. And the first decision you must make is if you are at the right time to buy your home.

Decide whether to buy or rent

It is true that buying a home has many advantages. One of them is based on what a good long-term investment, in the future will possess a good that is worth a lot of money. If you finish your mortgage payment you can then avoid expenses in installments, rent and, if necessary, you can use the home to finance some other important expense. On the other hand, a house of its own attaches much to its owners. You will not have the same freedom if you have to change your residence for family or work reasons.

As for the rent also has several advantages. Owning is a series of expenses that neither recover nor bring any tax advantage. Household insurance, taxes, maintenance and community expenses represent significant disbursements to which the owner is obligated. When you live for rent, these expenses usually cover the owners, buying a house always has more expenses.

How long do you plan to live there?

The ideal when making a residence decision is to stay in it for a long time and establish a lasting home. So it is an important decision in which you should consider whether the investment is worth it. Likewise at the time of rent has an estimated time that will allow to be clear their financing and measure it in relation to the time that resides in the property and its future investment decisions.

The total cost of the purchase operation is, on average, about 10% of the amount financed in non-recoverable expenses. So keep in mind that these expenses are paid at the time of formalizing the loan, regardless of whether you are staying in the house for a year or thirty.

Know if you can afford it right now

Although it seems obvious, first of all you must know if you have enough savings to buy a home. Many simply calculate the share of mortgage financing and forget that a good amount of money is needed. For many people, the payment of the initial entrance, and not the monthly fee, is the biggest obstacle to acquire a home. Remember that you must modify your budget, a part will be destined to the investment of your house.

However, you must be realistic and adjust your dreams to your ability to pay, if what you can buy is not what you visualized think about what could be your first home and then you will have the ability to acquire a chord to what you thought in the beginning . If it is not the first time you buy a regular home, but already have another house to sell, the proceeds from this sale will probably cover the necessary starting capital, provided you manage to sell it before you buy the new one.

How to know if the house you purchased was really a good investment?

One of the main doubts when buying a house is to know if it has gained value over time or if, on the other hand, it could lose it, a factor that depends more on the value that has gained the whole area where it is Located the house.
The arrival of new developments, changes in land use or new infrastructure projects are some of the factors that can give added value to your home.

In addition, the urban environment, public services, strategic location and public expectations also determine the value of your home.

One of the main tips that real estate brokers provide when buying a house is to buy houses that are in line with those in the area, as well as to buy houses with two or three rooms, as they are much more commercial than those that Have only one.

Another recommendation of the experts is to ensure that the house has kitchens and bathrooms in good condition, as they give a lot of added value to the property.

Real estate brokers also agree that, no matter how much you appreciate your home and increase the value of the area where you live, the investment will depend on what you do with the property, as a deteriorated home will lose value with respect to a better preserved.

Finally, experts warn that roads that impact aggressively in the area; That is, that increase noise or traffic, can negatively impact the value of your home.

We hope that these tips will be of great help to you when acquiring your house. If you have any doubts, do not forget to leave us your opinion in our comments section.

Dubai to build world’s first revolving skyscraper – Dynamic Building structure – This Architectural feat is a Pinnacle in Real Estate & Construction

Dubai seems bent as a country to be amazed by the architectural projects it develops every day. Some impress by their size, others by the speed with which they were built and others by its shape, but we all marvel at its futuristic character.
This time, the Dynamic Tower Hotel, by the Italian-Israeli architect David Fisher, promises to become the world’s first rotating skyscraper, which will also be built by prefabricated structures placed on the same axis.

This project has been designed since 2008, but it was not until early 2017 that it was approved for execution, while its inauguration is scheduled for 2020.

The Dynamic Tower will have 80 floors, where in each of them there will be an apartment capable of rotating in 360 degrees. This mechanism will be independent of the rest of the structure, which will allow to regulate the speed of rotation.

This component of the building will allow the apartments to be programmed to follow the sun, which will offer us sunrise and sunset views from the same window.

The skyscraper will be supported on a central core, where all connections and elevators will be found. Then, the apartments will be modular and will be built around the core, which will allow to install the mechanism of rotation to which each of the apartments will be connected.

But the advantages do not stay there. The Dynamic Tower Hotel will be a completely green skyscraper, as it will have a wind turbine between each apartment to cover part of the energy demand of the neighbors.